Black Mountain at The Ready Room


Black Mountain, a five piece band hailing from Vancouver, made a tour stop at the Ready Room in St. Louis, MO. Performing a sampling of their recently released album titled IV along with their more popular tracks to round out the expansive setlist; Black Mountain was entertaining and graciously received.

As the dimmed lights went even darker, the group took to the stage to open with Mothers of the Sun. The song, spanning just over eight minutes, begins with eerie synth beats to be followed by a precisely played heavy guitar riff which transcends into mesmerizing melodic vocals. The artists immediately have their audience under their mind control with their signature psychedelic rock sound. As I move through the crowd to document this concert, I begin to realize that the congregation of fans does not notice me as a working photojournalist. The audience is so entranced and moved by the music; they are completely unaware of my presence. It is like nothing I have ever experienced.

Stephan McBean, vocalist and lead guitarist, formed Black Mountain in 2004. Joined by Joshua Wells on drums, Amber Webber on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jeremy Schmidt on keys and Brad Truax on bass guitar. This group has certainly proven their ability to stay relevant and gain a loyal following. The dynamic range of blended vocals of Webber and McBean lend for a pleasurable listening experience. Black Sabbath-inspired guitar riffs along with Pink Floyd inspired vintage synthesized vibes certainly make Black Mountain’s sound identifiable and unique.
This musical journey was a lyrical space odyssey with a message of awakening and a call for a deeper look into all things present and future. It was a very receptive, peaceful audience that was completely in tune with the message it was receiving. Black Mountain kept the crowd in a trance-like state from the 90-minute start to finish performance.

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