The Pour at Delmar Hall

Artist, Concert, Music, Photography

A jaw dropping performance was given by The Pour at Delmar Hall in St. Louis to a packed venue. Previously selling out the Duckroom at Blueberry Hill, this band is notably a St. Louis crowd favorite. Compromised of several seasoned professionals and much talent, The Pour is a must see act.


From start to finish, the high energy of this band is nothing short of explosive. Jeff Lee is a powerhouse on vocals and is undeniably entertaining throughout his theatrical performance. The guitars of the group are perfectly played by Jack Weise, Addison Bracher and Brian Pookie Jones on Bass. Along with Chad LaRoy on drums.


Audience participation was encouraged, and members were pulled onto the stage to be serenaded. Lee, an amazing frontman, commanded his audience with his over expressive body language and made his way into the crowd to engage as many individual fans as possible.


This group has tremendous talent, hoping the right opportunity finds them because they are genuine stars!

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