Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field


The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series has taken my mind on a stroll down memory lane. I find myself reminiscing about a visit to Chicago last August. To be more specific, when Foo Fighters played to a sold out Wrigley Field.

It was a long ten month wait for this much anticipated concert. The show sold out in a matter of minutes. I was thrilled to have been lucky enough to obtain tickets even though they were nosebleeds.

Having watched the entire Sonic Highways series, I understood the importance that Chicago played in shaping Dave Grohl’s musical future. As he sat on his infamous throne, with a  broken leg, trying to absorb the magnitude of the moment; he couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion. Forever grateful to his loyal fans, his congregation, he graciously thanked those in attendance. Although Dave tried to maintain his composure, he was overtaken by the enormity of that emotional moment. He openly wiped away a few tears and tried to keep his voice from cracking. He claimed this to be the best fucking night of his life and I believe everyone could relate. A true self made American “Something from Nothing”. 

This was a special celebratory evening for additional reasons. It was Dave’s mother Virginia and cousin Tracy’s birthday. The same cousin that took him to a punk rock show at the Cubby Bear as a young teen. The pivitol night that transformed him into a aspiring musician. The entire stadium serenaded Happy Birthday as the ladies blew out their birthday candles on stage; Dave’s face was beaming with pure love for his cherished family members. It was truly a beautiful, unduplicateable moment. 

This was a incredibly special evening for many reasons and I will always cherish that night. It was truly an emotional experience. Not to mention a badass concert. Everybody loves Dave Grohl and maybe just a little more on that particular night. I believe a bit of Foo Fighter greatness was left behind that evening at Wrigley Field hence the Cubs finally winning a World Series. Thanks for breaking the curse, it was long overdue. Congratulations on your World Series win Chicago Cubs and Happy Birthday Sonic Highways!

Let There Be Rock

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I had a serious choice to make, either way, I was in store for a face melting, ear drum ringing rock show! My options… AC DC in St. Louis with overpriced tickets that were mediocre at best or Chevy Metal in Chicago at the Metro for a minimal cost of $20 a ticket. A small, intimate venue with a approximate capacity of 1,000 people and the option of zigging and zagging my way to the front of the stage. I have had AC DC on my bucket list for numerous years, yet, I opted for option #2. Yes, it took a little more maneuvering than a hometown show but something about this band and smaller venue appealed to my every sense. I posted my AC DC tickets on Stub Hub and away they went, as this a sold out show.

Tickets sold, hotel booked, and all other responsibilities handled. The drive was a musical mixture of old school Motley Crue, Donna Summer and other various 70’s disco artists. I swear I was born in the wrong era! It was quite a uneventful drive as I didn’t see one police officer handing out speeding tickets to repeat offenders like myself. What is it about heavy metal music blaring that pushes your accelerator to the floor and before you realize it, you are traveling at a rate of 93 mph? I can’t be the only person that this happens to.

Arriving into the city was a total nightmare! There was major construction everywhere and it was the nicest day of the year and everyone was out enjoying the warmest temperatures to EVER hit Chicago in February.¬†Jaywalkers galore and rude ass drivers everywhere. A recipe for a whole slew of not so nice words to spew from my mouth. I was graciously received by the valet at the hotel and I was more than thrilled to hand them the keys. So much for uneventful drive. I regained my composure and made the quick decision I will Uber around from here forward. I check in and refresh and before I know it, it’s showtime.

I arrived at Metro about 40 minutes before the doors opened the ensure I’ll have a chance to obtain a nice view of the stage and certain band members. While standing in line, I quickly made friends with a trio from MI in front of me and a pair of local ladies behind me. One lady proceeds to say that her friends arrived at 4:30 to meet the band and have been waiting in line since their brief photo op. I’m a committed individual when it comes to achieving a goal and I highly commend the dedication and stalking abilities of these fine women. I guess we all have a few things that can be learned. I’ve discovered how to amp up my stalking abilities, thanks for the tips ladies. I may use them at a later date and different location. I guess the early bird really does get the worm.

The opening act was the Reddie Freddie’s, a Queen cover band. It’s not surprising as Taylor Hawkins may be the biggest Queen fan EVER! I throughly enjoyed this all girl plus one guy band belt out the best of Queen. Yet, I’m still waiting for what I’ve decided to be the best option for the evening. I’ve managed to plant myself center stage with only 2 people in front of me. I accept this as my fate as the fan girls in the front row, with their signs in tow, are tightly packed shoulder to shoulder. There is no hope for a better position. Either way, front row or third row, I’m happy with my placement. I’m already closer than I would have been at AC DC.



On with the show, the moment we have all been waiting for. As Chevy Metal takes the stage, in their custom made, white satin suits, the crowd goes bonkers. A energy overtakes the crowd and we realize we are in store for a amazing show. The Hawk is perched behind his drum cage with his beautiful, long, flowing blond hair and perfect grin of a smile. I believe we were graced with the presence of the golden god Apollo whose chariot had been converted into a modernized drum kit and his horses transformed into mortal, multi-talented musicians. The evening was filled with, as promised, dirt rock cover songs and the setlist spanned for nearly 25 songs. Van Halen was the featured artist of the night and Taylor hit a killer drum solo as a prelude to Everybody Wants Some!! I found it to be quite comical as they transitioned into Yankee Rose and instead of staying true to the lyrics, Taylor professed his love for a Chicago hoe. Some scoffed, I quietly chuckled.


In recognizing all of the insanely talented musicians that have been recently lost, Taylor makes his way to the front of the stage to take on the role of frontman. A role I have anticipated seeing him in for quite some time. In tribute to David Bowie, glorious renditions of Ziggy Stardust and Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide were performed. Because he’s wonderful! It was a more than satisfying experience to view him in this role. And the pants, let’s just say they reminded me of Robert Plant back in the day. Absolutely priceless.


Wiley Hodgden kept the ladies captivated as he carried out his duties on vocals and manning his oversized bass like a boss. Mick Murphy was on lead guitar and was a absolute beast with his precision guitar shredding. Eddie Van who? Andrew Watt was the new kid in town and commanded his role as frontman. It was a absolute pleasure to watch a young “old soul” have so much stage presence and personality.


The last song of the night, Let There Be Rock. Really? To be honest, I hadn’t once thought about the AC DC show the entire night. I had obviously made the right choice. The band exits and the crowd is cheering for a encore and after what seemed like a eternity, the band obliged and finished off the night with All The Young Dudes and Come Together. Taylor tossed his sticks into the crowd and the guy next to me was able to snag one. I thought I may be able to talk him out of it until he shoved it down his pants. I’ll pass, maybe next time. There will definitely be a next time, because I have since added it to the bucket list. Thank you Chevy Metal for a better show than I could have imagined. I will see you again!



The One and Only…

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This was the only worthwhile image I was able to capture at a Foo Fighters SummerFest concert in Milwaukee, WI from June 28th, 2012. I must admit, it ranks as my favorite concert photo I’ve ever taken. Amazing concert, but the Foo’s are always amazing! If you’ve not had a chance to see them yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list. You will not be disappointed!